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What they have to say...


"We have had the [Basement Ventilation System] in for a week now and can definitely tell a difference... the musty smell is gone." - Ray S.


"The [Basement Ventilation System] is working wonderfully. It's nice to open the basement door and smell fresh air instead of stale musty air." - Michele S.


"With in the first 8 hours after installing the [Basement Ventilation System], the air quality in our basement was as good as the air quality upstairs in our living-room. We have had five or six very humid days in a row and the [Basement Ventilation System] is working great! I'm very impressed!" - John A.


"I'm totally impressed! Within two days of installing the [Basement Ventilation System] I could sense the difference in the basement. I have one door and three windows in my mud-room. Every three days I used to go out with a bath towel and paper towels to mop up the water sitting on the window sills because the windows sweat so bad. It has now been 12 days and my windows are clear. I can see outside. This thing is awesome!" - Bernard W.

 "The [Basement Ventilation System] has been installed for 2 weeks now. I got a hydrometer to check the humidity level and was surprised it was so low! The unit is very quiet...basement smells fresh...it's working wonderfully." - Tom J.


"Wow, the basement is smelling better already. I should have done this along time ago." - Mary M.  

Breathe Better. Feel Better.

Breathe Better. Feel Better.