Crawl Space Ventilation Systems

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Standard Crawl Space Ventilation System

Crawl spaces commonly have the most unhealthy air mass in the home. Moisture, gases, toxins, musty smells, odors and pollutants build up in the damp crawl space.The higher relative humidity and lack of ventilation creates an environment that is conducive to mold and odors, and damages the structure with wood rot, damp floors and joists. This unhealthy air then flows upwards naturally through stack effect leading to an unhealthy and uncomfortable environment for the whole house.

The Crawl Space Ventilation System with Booster Fan unit maintains balanced air pressure so that unconditioned air from the outside does not make its way into the crawl space. While foundation vents allow for arbitrary air flow of unconditioned air, the Crawl Space unit maintains controlled ventilation to expel damp, polluted air, musty smells and odors and replenish it with conditioned, drier air creating a healthier environment in the crawl space.


Crawl Space Ventilation System with Smart Technology

The Avir with advanced computerized technologies, utilizes wireless sensors that monitors conditions in both the crawl space and upper levels of the home to determine the optimal rate of ventilation and automatically adjusts. Built in carbon monoxide detectors will send out an alert on the myHome app when levels are elevated and automatically expels air at the fastest rate.

How our Basement & Crawl Space Ventilation System Works


Our Humidity & Moisture Indoor Air Quality Control Basement Ventilation System can significantly improve your indoor air quality, ensuring a cleaner, happier, healthier home for you and your family!

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