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Dehumidifier alternative basement ventilation system

Humidity & Moisture Indoor Air Quality Control Basement Ventilation Systems

Problems & Solutions

THE PROBLEM: Excess humidity in the home contributes to a damp musty smell, odors, mold and mildew, window condensation, pipes sweating, dry rot etc.... even allergies and other health problems. Dehumidifiers (once thought to be the only option) are very expensive to operate, inconvenient, often ineffective and even dangerous. Read more...

THE MUSTY BASEMENT SOLUTION: Our Humidity & Moisture Control Indoor Air Quality Basement Ventilation Systems are designed to address the problem of excess humidity and poor ventilation. Very energy efficient, they can save up-to $500 per year or more vs. a dehumidifier! No buckets to empty. It is absolutely the best energy efficient alternative to a basement dehumidifier. Now every home can have an easy, effective musty basement solution! Read more...

AIR PURIFICATION: Since 2004, Kansas State University, the nations foremost biological research center, has been testing one brand of air purifier in their labs. Recently researchers presented the impressive results to the US Department of Agriculture because of it's ability to reduce up to 99.9% of mold, mildew, and bacteria on surfaces has very powerful implications in the agricultural and food service industries. Read more...

The Experts Agree

Pollutants causing sick-building syndrome, mold, mildew, excess moisture, musty smell and odors, and allergies can be significantly reduced with a Humidity & Moisture Indoor Air Quality Control Basement Ventilation System.

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