How a Basement Ventilation System Works

Virtually Every Home Has A Humidity Problem
Now every home can have an easy, effective and inexpensive solution... A Basement Ventilation System!

Problems associated with excess humidity in the home include damp musty air, odors, mold and mildew, window condensation, pipes sweating, dry rot etc.... Excess humidity can contribute to health problems (read what the leading experts say about indoor air pollution).

Some common attempts to try and solve these problems have included: dehumidifiers and air exchange systems, but for the most part they appear to be ineffective, inconvenient and expensive.

Now every home can have an easy, effective and inexpensive solution:
A Basement Ventilation System!

A Basement Ventilation System (BVS) installed in the basement or crawlspace helps address the problem of excess humidity, poor ventilation and other problems associated with excess humidity in the home such as damp musty air, odors, mold and mildew, window condensation, pipes sweating, dry rot etc...

Basement Ventilation System


Energy efficient: less than $4 month avg.
One unit fits all applications
Adjustable humidity settings
Fully automatic
Whisper quiet fan
Electronic humidity sensor
UL approved


Because water is heavier than air, moisture and humidity will have a tendency to navigate to the lower level of the home when humidity is highest. Thus, the upper level will contain a lower percentage of humidity, while the basement or crawlspace will always carry the heavier, more dense level of moisture.

It's easy as 1,2,3...

1. Installed in the basement, a BVS pulls the musty humid air from the basement or crawlspace.

2. It then expels the contaminated air outside,

3. At the same time it recaptures the dryer, fresh air from the upper floor and
uses it to help dry out  the basement or crawlspace.


A basement ventilation system will extract humidity and other airborne contaminants, from the basement floor where the highest level of humidity resides. By extracting this moist cool air, drier air will be pulled down from the upstairs until the desired preset humidity level is reached. In this way it recycles warm air which would otherwise be lost through normal building leaks. The system acquires it's exchange through normal filtration of air throughout the dwelling via cracks, doors, windows and plugs.

Excess humidity can contribute to dry rot in the floor joists, sill plate, under floor boards, window sills and frames.

This can require expensive repairs.


A BVS expels the excess humidity which contributes to condensation on windows, water pipes, floor joists, basement walls and floors, eliminating the number one cause of dry rot and thereby reducing costly repairs.

A BVS is completely automatic and requires no maintenance!

A BVS maintains air circulation to prevent build up of humidity and it's related problems. It's whisper quiet fan moves about 200 CFM at an amazingly low cost of operation of about $4 per month.

...Just Say NO To Dehumidifiers!

Dehumidifiers have messy buckets to empty, are expensive to run, they can not eliminate odors, they do not introduce fresh air and often several units are required for large areas. 

With an electronic humidity sensor, easy to operate controls, whisper quiet fan, low energy consumption makes a Basement Ventilation System the best solution for your humidity problems!




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