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Better homes and Gardens recommend a 'dehumidifier and better ventilation to solve wet basement problems'. However, dehumidifiers are the most hated of all home appliances. Why do homeowners hate dehumidifiers?


With conventional dehumidifiers:

  • Buckets need to constantly be emptied.

  • High electrical bills. Sometimes in excess of $60 per month

  • They are noisy.

  • They often do not work during the winter months.

The Basement Ventilation System (BVS) is a safer, better, more efficient alternative to conventional dehumidifiers that addresses both homeowner’s concerns AND the humidity and the ventilation issue
(read what the leading experts say).


With a BVS:

  • There are no buckets to empty

  • No drain hoses to leak.

  • Energy consumption is less than $4 per month avg.

  • Controls air quality year round.

  • Will not ice up in the winter

  • Does what no dehumidifier can do by expelling airborne contaminants such as mold spores, odors and common household allergens, gasses.

  • A BVS is completely maintenance free.

Read the Industries Leading Expert's Recommendations


One model can be installed in virtually any application.  The Basement Ventilation System (BVS) can be installed in a crawlspace or a full size multi-room finished basement.

The Basement Ventilation System is a ventilation and humidity Control System that will meet all the expectations of consumer demands. The BVS will exhaust the damp musty air that concentrates in the bottom level of the home. It then recaptures the dryer air from the upper floor and uses it to help dry the basement or crawl space. Building materials and furnishings become dry and condensation disappears. Temperatures and humidity levels become more even and comfortable upstairs and down. As the BVS exhausts the unwanted contaminated air to the outside, healthy fresh air is automatically drawn through the building to replace it.

A Basement Ventilation System Solves Excess Humidity Problems

The Humidity Ventilation System is installed in the basement or crawlspace. It's humidity sensor constantly monitors the level of humidity in your basement or crawlspace. It's whisper quiet fan, expels the damp air at a rate of almost 200 CFM thus not only helping to solve the problem of excess humidity and poor ventilation, it also helps eliminate other problems associated with excess humidity in the home such as damp musty air, odors, mold and mildew, window condensation, pipes sweating, dry rot etc...

A Basement Ventilation System is superior to conventional dehumidifiers:

BVS Units:

  • require no maintenance

  • evacuate stale air and odors

  • one unit is sufficient for an average size home

  • costs about $4.00 per month in electricity

  • is environment friendly

  • is safer and healthier than a dehumidifier


Conventional Dehumidifier:

  • water receptacle must be emptied

  • returns same air back into the home

  • several units are often required

  • costs between $50.00 to $60.00+ per month in electricity



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